Labelai - speed up training your AI models with a free open source app

I've launched Labelai. Training AI models are now more friendlier. Use it from any device ensuring security. It has support for ImageNet and YOLO.

GitHub action to publish your blog post to

Learn how to automatize publishing to from your GitHub repo.

Do all roads lead to Rome?

Learn what Rome is, how it fits into the JavaScript ecosystem and my thoughts about it... Will Rome replace all the current tooling?

First steps with WebAssembly in Rust

Discover how to start with WebAssembly in an easy way with Rust.

How to draw gears in WebGL

Learn how to draw dynamic 2D complex shapes in WebGL by drawing gears.

Static Readme Regeneration

Use a cron with Github Actions to always have your GitHub profile updated.

First steps in WebGL

Learn what WebGL is and how it works by drawing a triangle.

Image classifier: in the browser

Learn how to implement any kind of image recognition in the browser by implementing a cat/dog classifier in Tensorflow.js.

Discovering Snowpack

Discover how Snowpack fits into the JavaScript ecosystem.

From Node to Deno

Learn how to use Node ecosystem in Deno.