Aral Roca


Forms are a crucial part of almost all applications. At least one of them is usually necessary: the “Sign in” page. In this article, we are going to explain the benefits of uncontrolled forms in React and how to do it as simple as possible to re-use it in every form. We are going to use the classic “Sign in” page as an example. Difference between controlled and uncontrolled To understand what… Llegir més

In this article I would like to explain what I did to improve the speed in the communication between client and server. It’s important to understand that this is not a global solution for all AJAX request. Instead, it can only be applied in some particular type of request, as we will see soon if you keep reading. Note that in most projects other solutions could be more efficient. What’s the initial… Llegir més

I would like to do more articles explaining a little bit about all the machine learning and deep learning basics. I’m a beginner in this area, but I’d like to explain soon these concepts to create some interesting AI models. Nevertheless, we don’t need a deep knowledge about machine learning to use some existing models. We can use some libraries like Keras, Tensorflow or TensorFlow.js. We are going to see here how… Llegir més